Integrated approach to management of grounwater quality in functional urban areas

AMIIGA project is realized within the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme funded under the European Regional Development Fund.

Integrated Approach to the Management of Groundwater Quality in Functional Urban Areas


Project No.

Head of the Project

Zakład Ochrony Wód
dr inż. Grzegorz Gzyl
tel. 32 259 24 54


Project period
1 September 2016 - 31 August 2019

Description the Project:
The main goal of the AMIIGA project is to improve the management and decision-making process in terms of dealing with contaminated groundwater on a functional urban area (FUA) scale.

The AMIIGA project focuses on developing an integrated assessment strategy, as well as the reclamation and management of groundwater quality. The strategy will be used as a basis for seven “operational plans” (MAP) for functional urban areas defined in the project. It will include activities to develop and implement technical (including biological reclamation methods), process, and organizational innovations that will streamline the process of managing water resources in the relevant administrative bodies.

The project is also intended to develop and test in practice a common approach to engaging interested stakeholders on an FUA scale to work together to establish “operational plans” (MAP).

Results of the Project – benefits for the region:

  • an implemented system for monitoring groundwater on an FUA scale allows for the proper management of groundwater,
  • the development of procedures for decision support in terms of the selected groundwater rehabilitation method,
  • the establishment of a regular platform for joint coordination of activities of various parties from different sectors and levels involved in the management and monitoring of groundwater on an FUA scale.

Project partners:

12 partners representing 6 countries are involved in the project: Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and 10 associate partners. GIG is the coordinator of the whole project, Comune di Parma is the partner responsible for the promotion of the results.

The institutions engaged in the project are:

LP           Główny Instytut Górnictwa (PL)
PP2        Miasto Jaworzno (PL)
PP3        Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart (DE)
PP4        Město Nový Bydžov (CZ)
PP5        Technicka Univerzita v Liberci (CZ)
PP6        Regione Lombardia (IT)
PP7        Politecnico di Milano (IT)
PP8        Comune di Parma (IT)
PP9        Geološki Zavod Slovenije (SI)
PP10      Javno Podjetje Vodovod-Kanalizacija d.o. o. (SI)
PP11      Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Građevinski Fakultet (HR)
PP12      Vodovod d.o.o. Zadar (HR)

and 10 associate partners:

  • Wodociągi Jaworzno sp. z o.o. (PL)
  • Regione Emilia Romagna (IT)
  • Hrvatske vode (HR)
  • Mestna občina Ljubljana (SI)
  • Górnośląski Związek Metropolitalny (PL)
  • Krajský úřad Libereckého kraje (CZ)
  • Krajský úřad Královéhradeckého kraje (CZ)
  • Občina Ig (SI)
  • Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart (DE)
  • Regionalna Dyrekcja Ochrony Środowiska w Katowicach (PL)

The AMIIGA project partnerships provide a balanced combination of experience and competence of academic and administrative partners in terms of technical knowledge, as well as management and regulatory procedures. The joint work of all the partners will contribute to the enhancement of technical competence, as well as the dissemination of knowledge concerning the assessment of groundwater pollution, which will facilitate the decision-making process on a functional urban area scale.

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+ 48-32-259-2000