Forecasting and limiting the effects of methane explosions to increase the protection of mine infrastructure and key equipment


The deadline for completion: 01.07.2014-31.12.2017

General project assumptions:
The application for co-financing of the research project with the acronym EXPRO was submitted to the contest of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) in September 2013. The project received high marks from reviewers and funding from the European Commission under the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS).

The main goal of the EXPRO project is to develop tools and measures that will allow the implementation of measures limiting the destruction of mine infrastructure caused by methane explosion, especially the destruction of the equipment of critical importance, and to identify the causes of explosions. This objective will be achieved by three different, complementary methods:

  • Better understanding of the mechanical and thermal impact of methane explosion and three-dimensional distribution of this interaction by preparing numerical models of explosion in different geometries and mining excavation conditions. The models will be verified through real-world experience. This will allow us to indicate the optimal location of the equipment of critical importance and help to determine the causes of the explosion and indicate the place of its initiation.
  • Development of an innovative air pressure monitoring system that enables the registration of information that may help in post-accident investigations, especially with regard to the indication of the place where the explosion was initiated.
  • Validation of certain types of automatic barriers currently used in Eastern European countries as a potential method of limiting the effects of an explosion, limiting the impact of an explosion, minimizing the destruction of mine infrastructure and preventing the initiation of a secondary explosion.

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