Monitoring, Assessment, Prevention and Mitigation of Rock Burst and Gas Outburst Hazards in Coal Mines

Termin realizacji projektu:
01.07.2015 - 31.12.2018

Kierownik pracy w GIG:

Zakład Zwalczania Zagrożeń Gazowych
dr hab. inż. Eugeniusz Krause
tel. 32 3246 501


The MapROC project concentrates on issues involving hazards in hard coal mines in Europe, related to mining at increasingly greater depths and, consequently, at increasing stresses, pressures and gas content in the rock mass. Conducting mining at increasing depths in Polish hard coal mines leads to a rise in seismic activity, which, under conditions of significant coal bed methane saturation, may result in the occurrence of gaso-geodynamic rock burst phenomena or gas and rock outbursts. The complexity of the issues concerning the aforementioned phenomena necessitates the conduction of research, while the main difficulty in explaining the nature of these phenomena lies in the multiparametric and interdependent character of the factors influencing the conditions under which they occur.

The realisation of the MapROC project is directed at limiting gaso-geodynamic phenomenon occurrence risks when carrying out mining activities in coal beds with high methane content.

A gaso-geodynamic phenomenon occurrence risk analysis must be based on the results of conducted laboratory and underground studies, which make it possible to monitor the state of stresses and seismic activity in the rock mass in the performed working environments and to conduct assessments of methane hazards and gas and rock outburst hazards.

Rock bursts and gas outbursts constitute major hazards to the safety of mining personnel, and may also contribute to the limitation of mine output. Hazards such as these are a major problem for our industrial partners, i.e. Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. and Promogovnik Velenje of the Velenje mine in Slovenia, but they can also be applied to other underground mines in Europe.

Two industrial partners producing hard and brown coal participate in the project, i.e.: Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. from Poland and Promogovnik Velenje from Slovenia. Their participation and the financial commitment related to the project prove that its realisation is necessary and that its results will find application in practice, benefiting the countries’ extractive industries and improving the work safety of mining personnel.

Project innovation

The MapROC project is realised in actual conditions of two underground mines extracting hard and brown coal, which provides the unique opportunity to verify the correctness of the established assumptions, and which will also make it possible to implement innovative techniques of hazard prediction, as well as effect assessment and containment of rock burst and rock and gas outburst hazards. The developed directives resulting from the realisation of the project will first be implemented in mines belonging to the industrial partners.

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