AWAIR project meeting in Italy and work on the AWAIR-APP mobile application

Another working meeting of project AWAIR was held in Parma in Italy on 19-22.03.2019. Pilot systems for the purposes of informing about air contamination, which are being implemented as part of the project in functional urban areas (FUA) such as Katowice, Parma and Budapest, were presented during the meeting. In Katowice it is a system of 127 sensors and 154 screens, installed at day nurseries, kindergartens, schools, children's homes, nursing homes and other public institutions. The results of the evaluation will be used to conduct a comparative analysis of the systems across various areas.

During the meeting, work was also carried out regarding the technical and functional specification of the AWAIR-APP mobile application, which will soon be developed and implemented in the selected functional urban areas, therefore also in Katowice. Representatives of the Central Mining Institute also presented the current progress of the work related to surveys concerning air quality, which are presently being conducted in Katowice by GIG.

The goal of project AWAIR is to improve the environmental management capabilities in functional urban areas in Central Europe through the promotion and adoption of common international plans and strategies that would make it possible to decrease the influence of severe air pollution episodes (SAPE) on the environment and human health, with emphasis on particularly vulnerable groups of individuals (the elderly, children and pregnant women).

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