Memorandum of understanding between GIG and the University of Oviedo

GIG Director Stanisław Prusek and Alicja Krzemień, D.Sc., were guests at the University of Oviedo from the 19th to the 21st of September, 2018. During their visit to Spain, a “Memorandum of Understanding” was signed between the University of Oviedo’s School of Mining, Energy and Material Engineering, represented by the Dean, Francisco Blanco Álvarez, and the Central Mining Institute, represented by Director Stanisław Prusek.

The cooperation between the two institutions will concern research in a broad sense regarding the search for alternative energy sources, problem solving and an exchange of experience related to mine decommissioning in Asturias and Silesia, as well as other areas that are currently crucial for mining regions undergoing transformation. Furthermore, Director Prusek and Doctor Krzemień gave a lecture on “GIG’s experience regarding the unconventional utilisation of coal”.

Some of the information presented during the lecture encompassed: GIG scientific activity, the state of the hard coal industry worldwide, in Europe and in Poland as well as research conducted by GIG thus far, regarding hard coal utilisation methods other than combustion. A discussion took place after the lecture, during which the participants of the meeting asked various questions concerning topics such as the future of coal in Europe.

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