„Polish-British Mining Workshop”

On the 5th of June, 2018, the “Polish-British Mining Workshop” took place at the Central Mining Institute, organised by GIG together with the British Embassy in Warsaw.

The subject of the workshops included extractive waste management, revitalisation of post-mining areas, applying IT solutions in mining and issues concerning mine closure and decommissioning. During the meeting, British technology companies, such as Fuel Economy Solutions, Hargreaves, Mine Tech Services and SRK Consulting, shared their experience and cooperation proposals regarding these areas.

Likewise, the meeting was attended by key Polish mining companies, such as PGG, SRK, JSW Innowacje and Tauron Wydobycie, which took the chance to present their potential, but also by representatives of the State Mining Authority and ARP in Katowice.

Ros Lund of the Department of International Trade of the government of the United Kingdom stressed that coal is the main energy source in Poland, which is why it must be the subject of discussion. “This forum can lead to joint action based on mutual exchange of experience, as mining has a very long history in both Poland and Britain,” she stated during the meeting, “and we all struggle with similar problems, just like all the other mining regions.”

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