The seminar "Challenges for the coal industry in EU"

On May 9 and 10, 2018, the seminar "Challenges for the coal industry in EU" organized by the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain (RAI) was held at the Central Mining Institute.

Discussions of Polish and Spanish scientists on the challenges for the coal industry in Europe began with a message forwarded by the General Director of GIG who shared that according to the New Energy Outlook 2017 report by the Bloomberg News Energy Finance information agency, solid fuels would still be main source of energy production in 2040, and in some countries the role of coal will be greater than today. Working sessions concerned topics such as The future of coal in the context of climate and energy policy of the European Union or Clean coal technologies. Different perspectives (also academic) on the coal industry in Europe were presented.

The guests visited the technological part of the Centre of Clean Coal Technologies and the Barbara Experimental Mine in Mikołów, where they had the opportunity to participate in the coal dust explosion show. The testing ground of our experimental mine is the only place in Europe where it is possible to carry out gas and dust explosion tests and test in real conditions of machines and devices designed to work in an explosive atmosphere.

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