Polish-Japanese seminar on Clean Coal Technologies

Polish-Japanese seminar on Clean Coal Technologies took place in the Central Mining Institute on the 2nd October 2013. Delegation of the representatives on such Japanese enterprises as JCOAL, IHI Corporation, JGC Corporation presented their experiences in the above mentioned problems and the possibilities of the realization of common projects.

JCOAL – Japan Coal Energy Center is a state organization supporting development and transfer of environmentally friendly coal technologies. International corporation IHI Group established in 1853 presents similar range of activity. JGC is one of four biggest companies specializing at the projects connected with liquid natural gas usage (LNG).

Particular area of common interest is advanced coal gasification technologies. At the world research market clean coal technologies and CO2 sequestration are the basis of zero-emission technology of electricity production from fossil fuels, which is one of the most important research problems in the world. Usage of coal in other technological processes is also important.

Coal liquefaction and underground gasification as well as gasification and hydrogenization has particular meaning for energy future. GIG has been participating at these areas from many years, taking part at many international research projects. Guests from Japan learnt about Polish experiences as for example project HUGE (underground coal gasification) and visited new built Clean Coal Technologies Centre. GIG active participation at European projects and cooperation with world research and industrial institutions (also from Japan) was highly appreciated by the guests.

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