We have over 90 years of experience in developing technology to support business.
What can we do for you? What can we do together?
We offer graduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics and specialist courses and training.
We have the region's biggest library of mining and environmental engineering.
We participate in numerous projects that create technologies according to market needs.
Our research potential directed is towards providing the best solutions for the industry.
We provide a wide range of accredited and notified certification procedures.
We have 18 laboratories accredited by the Polish Accreditation Center.

Solutions and services for many sectors of the economy

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Lead your industry with custom solutions

We know your business has specific needs. And we also know material handling solutions do not come in a one-size-fits-all package.
That's why we hold decades of experience in custom vertical industry solutions and services.

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Technologies dedicated to Mining Industry

The technology developed in the Institute is the result of scientific-research works, whose aim is to provide own solutions
for the leading sectors of industry. Innovative on a global scale solutions we have developed are covered by industrial property rights, through a request to the Polish Patent Office.

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Solutions and Services for Local Government

For many years the Institute has been a partner of local government officials throughout the country, carrying out numerous projects for both small towns and cities as well as large agglomerations. The rich offer of the Institute makes local governments eager to benefit from the offered solutions, technologies and products.

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Environmental Engineering Solutions

The Institute, being aware of the impact of industrial technology on the environment – our greatest good – conducts a number of studies and research projects, and also provides technical, technological and organizational solutions, whose common goal is to keep it in balance. In the field of the environmental engineering we provide services both for many branches of industry as well as for local government units.

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Conformity Assessment Body

Conformity Assessment Body in the Central Mining Institute possesses the accreditation of Polish Centre for Accreditation in a range of certification of quality management systems and environmental management of production and service.

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Silesian Centre for Environmental RadioactivityConformity Assessment BodyResearch and Development DepartmentsExperimental Mine BARBARAClean Coal Technology Centre


Dust Air Turns Gold

The Dust Air personal dust sampler was awarded a Gold Medal at the international invention exhibition in Hyderabad – the capital of the state of Telangana in India

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Złoty Medal na międzynarodowej wystawie wynalazczości w hinduskim Hyderabadzie
The Dust Air personal dust sampler was awarded a Gold Medal

The Dust Air personal dust sampler was awarded a Gold Medal with a distinction at the international invention exhibition that took place in Spain on 17-19.10.2019

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Session of the UN Committee on Sustainable Energy with the participation of a GIG representative

The 28th session of the UN Committee on Sustainable Energy took place on the 25-27 of September 2019 in Geneva, and it was dedicated to accelerating action within the scope of sustainable energy systems

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GIG cooperation with The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (USA)

The Central Mining Institute is hosting the representatives of The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) from the United States

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Australian seminar on rock bursts

On September 2-6, 2019, professor Stanisław Prusek and dr hab. Janusz Makówka participated in the international seminar on rock burst hazards that took place in Australia

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