International Projects

Projects realized within the framework of Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS)

Development of Improved Methane Drainage Technologies by Stimulating Coal Seams for Major Risk Prevention and Increased Coal Output
Forecasting and limiting the effects of methane explosions to increase the protection of mine infrastructure and key equipment
Long-term stability assessment and monitoring of flooded shafts
Monitoring, Assessment, Prevention and Mitigation of Rock Burst and Gas Outburst Hazards in Coal Mines
Management of environmental risk during and after mine closure
Co-processing of coal mine and electronic: Novel resources for a sustainable future
Innovative management of COAL-BY PROducts leading also the CO2 emissions reduction
Information driven incydent response
Increase efficiency and safety improveent in underground mining transportation routes
Methane recovery and harnessing for energy and chemical uses at coal mine sites
Productivity and safety of shield support
Reduction of risk associated with exposure to coal dust
Integrated and intelligent upgrade of carbon sources trrough hydrogen addition for the steel industry
Development and demonstration of Hydro Brehole Technology to improve the competiveness of brown coal excavating techniques worldwide and to minimize their environmental impact
An RFCS Accompanying Measure on European coal research in light of EU policy objectives to 2050 and future global trends in coal use
Unconventional MEthane Production from Deep European Coal Seams through combined Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and underground Coal GAsification (UCG) technologies
Production Face Environmental Risk Minimisation in Coal and Lignite Mines

Projects realized within the framework of Knowledge & Innovation Community

Nowy sorter do przeróbki węgla oraz jego odzysku z odpadów pokopalnianych


Ocena możliwości kierunków recyklingu ciężkich i rzadkich metali odzyskanych z odpadów produktów spalania
Carbonizate as a substitute for natural graphite in ‘green energy technologies’
Automated Method for Measuring Eutrophication of Inland Water Using Remote Sensing
Improvement of work health and safety in the Ukrainian mining industry

Projects realized within the framework of Interreg Central Europe Programme

Integrated approach to management of grounwater quality in functional urban areas
Uniform Approach To The Air Pollution Management System For Functional Urban Areas In Tritia Region
Environmental integrated, multilevel knowledge and approaches to counteract critical air pollution events, improving vulnerable citizens quality of life in Central Europe Functional Urban Areas
Enhancing environmental management capacities for sustainable use of the natural heritage of Central European SPA towns and regions as the driver for local and region al development

Projects realized within the framework of Horizon 2020

EPOS Implementation Phase
European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research

Projects realized within the framework of Interreg Europe Programme

Low carbon urban morphology. New urban morphologies, new governances, new challenges for cities in energy transition

Projects realized within the framework of Interreg VA Cz – PL

Współpraca VŠB-TUO/GIG Katowice w badaniach zapożarowanych hałd po obu stronach wspólnej granicy
Resource and Risk Assessment Associated with Invasive Plant Species in the Border Area

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