Resource and Risk Assessment Associated with Invasive Plant Species in the Border Area



Number of project: CZ.11.4.120/0.0/0.0/15_006/0000059

Decision of: 21.04.2017, Praga

The value of finansing from EFRR: 210 783,09 EUR

Lead partner: Vysoká Škola Báňská- Technická Univerzita Ostrava

Partner: Główny Instytut Górnictwa w Katowicach

Duration of the project:
1.03.2017 – 31.12.2019 (24 month)

Contact person:
Zakład Monitoringu Środowiska
dr inż. Paweł Olszewski
tel. 32 259 23 54

The “INVARO” project is concerned with the protection of the biodiversity of native ecosystems in cross-border regions and with raising awareness among residents and local authorities regarding the presence of invasive plant species.

The foremost goal of the project is to develop cooperation with regard to this matter between institutions and local authorities through the exchange of knowledge and experience.

The “INVARO” project's character is that of research and training. The results of the accomplishment of its specific tasks will contribute to the protection of ecosystems. Additionally, through the popularisation of good practices and awareness raising among residents, local authorities and tourists, the project will have a positive influence on all components of the environment.

The biodiversity of terrestrial and marine ecosystems constitutes a “system of communicating vessels” including all the elements of the environment, while disturbances to their stability and functioning have a negative influence on waters, soil and air. Environmental protection is closely connected with the safety and the comfort of living of residents, while the negative influence of invasive plant species on the environment is undeniable. Their presence results in the impoverishment of natural ecosystems, agricultural losses and landscape transformation. Some of them constitute a direct threat to the health of residents and tourists.

Among other things, the project will present an action plan related to eliminating or limiting the occurrence of invasive plant species. The real scale of the problem and the schedule and costs of eliminating this threat will be determined, which will also make it possible to direct the action of other environmental protection-related tasks of local authorities from the borderland between Poland and Czechia.       



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