Australian seminar on rock bursts

On September 2-6, 2019, professor Stanisław Prusek and dr hab. Janusz Makówka participated in the international seminar on rock burst hazards that took place in Australia.

It was a special invitation sent by the Australian institution ACARP, which manages the Australian research programme on hard coal mining, and the Mine Managers Association of Australia. Experts from Poland, Germany, Czechia, China and the USA took part in the seminar.

The seminar was organised because of the constantly increasingly occurrence of rock bursts in Australian underground hard coal mining. Research on this hazard began in 2014 after the occurrence of the first rock burst – an unusual phenomenon for Australian mining. The rock burst that transpired in the Austar mine (Yancoal mining company) resulted in the deaths of two miners.

The goal of the meeting was to present the nature of the rock burst hazard and the modern preventive measures utilised e.g. in Polish mining. The GIG representatives introduced the participants to such topics as the SOS seismic observation system, developed at the Institute. Indeed, it was the Central Mining Institute where many modern methods for the forecasting and prevention of natural hazards in mines, including rock bursts, were developed, and some of the solutions have found application in mines worldwide. Two visits in the Appin and Austar mines also took place as part of the seminar. The rock burst hazard research conducted thanks to ACARP’s funding was reviewed as well.

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