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Journal of Sustainable Mining (J. Sust. Min.) is reviewed scientific journal edited by the Central Mining Institute in Katowice, Poland. It is the continuation of quarterly journal “Prace Naukowe GIG. Górnictwo i Środowisko”, edited in 2002-2012.

J. Sust. Min. is directed to the international scientific circles interested in key problems of contemporary mining industry. The journal informs about the directions and effects of the researches conducted in the range of mining sciences.

Strategy of the journal development was elaborated in 2012 and has been still realized and improved since January 2013. The main goal is to introduce J. Sust. Min. to the international circulation of scientific information. It is connected with the edition of the English language electronic version of the journal and with the commencement of the cooperation with foreign authors and reviewers. Since 2013 the editorial office of the J. Sust. Min. cooperates with the reviewers from Poland, India, Australia, Spain, Ukraine, the United States of America, Great Britain, Latvia, Japan and Canada. English language version has been implemented as a primary reference version. Native Speaker of English takes care of the language correctness of the articles. The articles are published at the website of the journal on-line, ie after completion of the editorial works on the text. Such formula of publication warrants quick introduction of the publication into the circulation of the scientific information. Actions taken in the frame of realized development strategy should effect with the enlargement of visibility of authors cooperating with J. Sust. Min.,  growth of the quotation number and in the consequence gaining Impact Factor for the journal.

At the website of the J. Sust. Min. you will find particular information ie. the description of the journal and full texts of the articles, information for the authors including registration form to be downloaded, procedure of reviewing and list of the reviewers.

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