Award for a GIG article at the ISMSSE2018 international symposium in China

The Fourth International Symposium on Mine Safety Science and Engineering (ISMSSE2018) took place on the 22nd-24th of October, 2018, in Beijing, hosted by the University of Science and Technology in Beijing. It was attended by GIG Director Stanisław Prusek, who presented an article that received a distinction and which was awarded a special diploma.

The article that won the award is titled "Influence the canopy ratio of powered roof support on the longwall working stability – case study", and its authors are Stanisław Prusek, Sylwester Rajwa and Tomasz Janoszek. It describes the case of a longwall that presented difficulties related to its loss of stability and periodic roof rock fall occurrences. The authors attempted to explain these difficulties on the basis of actual measurements and observations of the longwall, followed up by numerical simulations. The calculations considered a number of factors, including e.g. the real geometric character of a powered support unit structure and the pressures identified in its leg. Thus the numerical simulations were performed based on a rock mass model that reflected the real mining and geological conditions under which extraction had been conducted. The results obtained in the article can constitute a supplement to the engineering knowledge utilised at the stage of powered support unit construction and selection in order to improve both the safety of the personnel and the stability of the longwall working.

The ISMSSE symposium is a prestigious event in the world of mining science. Thanks to the participation and efforts of experts and representatives from the entire world, the ISMSSE symposium facilitates the exchange of knowledge concerning technological and mine safety, promotes a technical level of mine safety, strengthens the cooperation between governments, companies and researchers and establishes an international platform for mine safety science and engineering.

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