Visit of the delegation of the Romanian INSEMEX Institute, and cooperation agreement

A delegation of the Romanian Institute for Research and Development in Mine Safety and Protection to Explosion INSEMEX Petrosani led by the General Manager, Mr George Artur Gaman, visited the Central Mining Institute on the 3rd to the 5th of October, 2018. During the visit, the guests toured the Institute's laboratories and the Experimental Mine Barbara, with which they have been cooperating for many years. That is because both GIG and INSEMEX are notified bodies. The guests also participated in the “Safety of Blasting Operations” science and technology conference that was taking place in Ustroń at that time.

The visit was concluded by the signing of an annex to the existing scientific and technical cooperation agreement between GIG and INSEMEX on the 5th of October, 2018. It encompasses areas such as: occupational safety and technical hazard management, safety of mining blasting agents, new extraction technologies, use of coal bed methane, gas and dust hazard prevention, mining aerology, or issues of environmental engineering related to mining activities, e.g. noise protection in the environment, degraded land reclamation, development and testing of solutions supporting industrial waste management, environmental impact assessment, water treatment and renewal technologies, and measurements of gas and dust pollution emissions to the air. The mutual agreement was signed by GIG Director prof. dr hab. inż. Stanisław Prusek and INSEMEX General Manager George Artur Gaman, D.Eng.

INSEMEX is the biggest and most important scientific institution related to the mining industry in Romania. It has been conducting research and service work concerning occupational safety, techniques and technologies employed in mining, environmental engineering, certification and authorisation for nearly 70 years.

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